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Official bait supplier



Bait and groundbaits may be supplied by filling in the order form attached and sending it as soon as possible to the following e-mail address:


The place where the material will be distributed will be communicated later.


Type of baits available:

white maggots                                                                                                          € 5,00 per litre

coloured maggots (red, yellow or mix)                                                                    € 5,00 per litre

little maggot “pinkis” (white, red, orange-fluo,mix)                                                € 6,00 per litre

little pinkis (fises)                                                                                         `           € 32,00 per litre

foundering caster                                                                                                     € 11,00 per litre

baiting caster - 25 g/pack                                                                                         € 1,00 per pack

jokers - 500 g/pack                                                                                                   € 4,50 per pack

bloodworms                                                                                                             € 54,00 per kg

baiting bloodworms - 35/40 g/pack                                                                          € 2,50 per pack

earthworms compost                                                                                                € 20,00 per kg

baiting earthworms (small/medium/big)                                                                   € 1,00 per pack

hemp done - 250 g/pack                                                                                           € 2,50 per pack

death maggots            (frozen)                                                                                € 5,00 per litre

Canadian bloodworms 10 items                                                                               € 2,00 per box

Sweet corn box 140g(normal, vanille, honey, strawberry, garlic)                            € 1,00 per box

Sweet corn box 185g red                                                                                         € 1,00 per box

Clay/Leam (natural, black, river, “argile”)pack 2kg                                                 € 1,5 per pack

Ground/Terre (natural, “de Somme”)                                                                       € 1,5 per pack


Baits are packed in a container of 0.1 liter, 0.25 liter 0.5 liter or 0.25 kg 0.5 kg (earthworms, bloodworms)

Groundbaits and other types of baits may be supplied on request.

Baits will be delivered every day and shall be paid on the meeting place.

Prices may change according to market variations.


Baits and groundbaits order must be sent within the date of 25/08/2013


We are at your disposition for any further information.


Adam +48603646050

Marcin +48504232339