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Competition venue

The championship will take place on the Żerański Channel in Warsaw, which is the center of the Poland. The competition venues of the 60th Coarse Angling Championship 2013 are located along the Żerański Channel in eastern part of Warsaw in nearby of the Nieporęt locality.

All the venues are easily accessible by car with a minimum necessity of walking.




Description of the fishery area

Type of reservoir: Channel

Surface: 105 ha

width: 30÷40 m

length: 18 km

Stream strength (float): max 0÷5 g

Depth: 2,5÷4 m

Botom: The bottom leveled sandy-muddy without cavities. Edges strengthened by broken rocks.

Shoreline: slope so mild that it do not need to be attached position with rope (cord).


Species of fish: grass carp, asp, barbel, vimba, ruffe, ide, dace, crucian carp, prussian carp, carp, gudgeon, chub, white bream, bream, tench, burbot, perch, roach, pikeperch (zonder), wels, bullhead catfish, pike, nase, bleak, eel, rudd, sunbleak.


Protected by law fish species: spined loach, bitterling, stone loach, weatherfish.


BAITS AND GROUNDBAITS - according to FIPSed-rules

For the official training and completion days 20 litres of ground bait and 2,5 litres of bait are allowed 2,5 litres of bait can contain 1 litre aquatic larvae (e.g. joker) included maximum 0,5 litre of bloodworms.






Geographic coordinates for the fishery area in degrees and fractions of degrees:


-  Warsaw-Białołęka sectors A, B


52,326160     E   21,029892  


-  Warsaw-Kobiałka – sectors C,D,E

N  52,348868    F  21,034184


- reserve fishery area – Warsaw, Modlińska street,  length 900 m.

N  52,300318  F  20,995903


SQUARE TECHNICAL  (for cars and buses).

N  52,357610  F  21,032982