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                                 60th Coarse Angling World Championship

                                           For Nations - Warsaw, Poland 2013



PERIOD OF THE EVENT:               Monday, September 09,  2013

                                           Sunday,  September 15,  2013


Sunday,    September 08, 2013    to    Monday, September 09, 2013 - arrival of participants of the


Monday,   September 09, 2013   to Friday   September 13, 2013 - training on the Żerański Channel.

Saturday,  September 14, 2013    first race of the 60th Coarse Angling World Championship 2013

Sunday,     September 15, 2013    second   race   of the 60th   Coarse  Angling World Championship 2013


Competition venue:

The championship will take place on the Żerański Channel in Warsaw, which is the center of the Poland. The competition venues of the 60th Coarse Angling Championship 2013 are located along the Żerański Channel in eastern part of Warsaw in nearby of the Nieporęt locality.

All the venues are easily accessible by car with a minimum necessity of walking.


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